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Looking for a Great Bird Feeder?

BirdWatchers has specific Bird Feeder to attract specific birds to your yard. From Woodpecker Feeders to Goldfinch Feeders to Hummingbird Feeders, BirdWatchers has you covered. Come in or give us a call.

Looking for Great Bird Seed?

Our Bird Seed is the best you can buy. High in nutrition, BirdWatchers Bird Seed lasts longer and helps attract birds to your feeders. See the difference our seed can make.


Design a Bird Paradise

With our large selection of Bird Feeders, Bird Seed and Bird Pole Systems, we can help you design a bird feeding system that is attractive to you and to wild birds. We offer squirrel-proof bird feeders and pole baffels that can protect your feeders from squirrels and other seed-stealing wildlife.

Come on in to the store, or contact us for more information on how we can help you design the perfect Amelia, VA bird paradise!