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Bird Feeders & Pole Systems

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to choosing a Bird Feeder for your yard. What type of feeder should you get? Suet? Peanut? Hopper? Squirrel Proof? It can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, our experts can help you narrow down your choices to the most effective feeders for your yard, based on your location and the types of birds you wish to attract. Below is just a small sample of the Bird Feeders we carry.

High Quality, Nutritious Bird Seed & Suet

The seed you put in your Bird Feeders is the most important choice you will make when designing your backyard paradise. Even the best Bird Feeders, when filled with inferior seed, will not attract birds as well as the cheapest feeder filled with nutritious, high quality bird seed.

Below is just a sample of the wide variety of bird seed and suet products we offer. Call or stop by to talk to us about the best seed for your backyard.

Bat Houses, Birdbaths & Nature Gifts

As your full-service nature source, we are pleased to offer a wide array of other products to help enhance your backyard paradise. Birdbaths, Conservation Bat Houses, Books and CDs are just a sample of the products we carry.

Need a gift for a nature-lover? We're sure that we have the perfect item for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life. Give us a call or stop by the store and we'll be happy to help you pick out a gift that will not be soon forgotten.